Hyperloop Design VR


As part of a team, we were tasked with the design of a first-class Hyperloop pod transport system, a forward-thinking concept developed by Elon Musk.

The design covered all parts of the user experience including; the exterior, interior, serving ware and station design.

The concept was prototyped and refined using virtual-reality headsets to allow one to 'experience' this virtual environment.  This method allows quick and efficient iterations and does not require the costly conventional physical prototyping.


The exterior was inspired by natural elements including the snake and manta-ray. The curves and lines making the design were kept organic and fluid - hinting at the natural inspiration.

The interior was also inspired by natural elements taking design cues from a skeletal form - hence the name 'EXO' derived from the idea of giving the pod structural integrity from an exoskeleton form.

The serving ware gave nuances to the form of the exterior through the elegant, flowing lines.

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