Chinese Contemporary Lantern


The Chinese Lantern installation was centred around the notion of traditional vs. contemporary, hence the design was adapted from the traditional Chinese festive lantern.

There is a wealth of symbolism and motifs of contemporary China woven throughout the installation. All components of the

contemporary lantern symbolise an aspect of the Chinese culture:


• The individual designs on the 5 disks resemble different aspects of society. (Love, Peace, Health, Harmony, Happiness)

• In Chinese philosophy, 5 is lucky number and is believed to bring good fortune, hence there is only 5 disks.

• The yellow string symbolises the ‘String of Fate’, which is believed to control the destiny of individuals.

• The colour ‘yellow’ symbolises neutrality and good luck.

• The colour ‘red’ also symbolises luck and is believed to ward off evil spirits.

• The elaborate knot hanging from the bottom is also culturally expected to ward off evil spirits or act as a good luck charm for

Chinese marriages.

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