Animal Tracking System

Zoos Victoria


The animal tracking system was developed in collaboration with Zoos Victoria and is an automated way of keeping track on the animals in each enclosure. Working with the Zoos Victoria Welfare Officer, Sally Sherman and talking to various animal keepers I was able to gain insights into what sort of data would be necessary to collect and what traits to be looking for in certain animals.

An array of sensors combined with machine learning and algorithm software allows the system to autonomously track the animal and monitor its health and wellbeing by creating a ‘smart environment’ – eliminating the need for the animal to be tagged or marked in any way.

The combination of sensors record the following data points:

distance travelled, weight (an overall measure of wellbeing), time resting vs. time active, hot spots of time spent in enclosure , visitor information, weather


Using the following hardware:

proximity sensors (IR, ultrasonic), motion sensors (gyroscope), weight/pressure sensors, camera (computer vision), moisture sensor.

Elephant Vision Tracking

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